The Solution that Shortens the Race Against Time

A Molecular-Guided Approach for Drug Development


Conventional oncology drug development processes have always been a race against time; between the lengthy identification of specific treatable genomic alterations to the recruitment of the appropriate patients. Success inevitably requires continuous innovation and collaboration across all industries involved in the development and the delivery of cancer therapeutics and care. Under our CAP-accredited next generation sequencing laboratory, along with an experienced in-house bioinformatics team, ACT Genomics understands the challenges faced by pharmaceuticals today and is confident to provide services to accelerate the process of oncology drug development and commercialization. Our current biopharma projects include investigational assay development, biomarker identification, patient stratification, comprehensive cancer molecular analysis and consultation.


Biomarker Discovery


ACT Genomics offers to perform comprehensive cancer genomic profiling on your identified patient samples, with an option of a customized investigational assay designed to fit your company’s needs.

With the superior sensitive and quick turn-around, ACT Genomics is devoted to provide clinical-grade, reliable results for biomarker discovery.

Patient Stratification


The molecular information-guided approach is leading the paradigm shift of drug development. An accurate patient enrollment is crucial to a successful clinical trial, ACT Genomics is dedicated to provide quality services in our CAP-accredited facility, from immunohistochemistry (IHC), PCR, next generation sequencing (NGS) and bioinformatics analysis, we aim to accelerate patient enrollment process via high-throughput screening together with superior accuracy.




From initial IRB composition, patient enrollment strategy to clinical trial design, our goal is to provide actionable solution to help maximize the value of your asset. ACT Genomics is the reliable advisory partner to your oncology-drug development. We are a group of industrial veterans with solid knowledge and experiences in drug development, coupled with in-house accumulated clinical sequencing databases, ACT Genomics provides insights for partners based on the nature of the asset. If you’re interested in engaging a partnership with us to improve the lives of cancer patients, contact us