Breakthroughs at ASCO 2019 –The First KRAS Inhibitor And Progress In Established Drug Targets

By Dr. Nina Lapke, Biomedical Informatics Scientist of ACT Genomics

A presumed undruggable cancer driver, KRAS, can be inhibited finally. Also, treatment progress in METex14 mutations improves outcomes in lung cancer, while HER2-specific antibody, margetuximab, is Fc-engineered to achieve higher drug efficacy.


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Approval of Inhibitor Larotrectinib Across Tumor Types– Are We Ready for the Era of Tissue-Agnostic Targeted Cancer Therapy?

By Nina Lapke, Biomedical Informatics Scientist of ACT Genomics

Tissue-agnostic drug is a new way to treat cancer via biomarkers across tumor types, which brings precision medicine one step further to treat more patients properly. With clinical trials combining patients of various cancer types according to their tumo


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Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB): Will It Be a Home Run?

By By Dr. Song Ling Poon, Senior Medical Science Liaison of ACT Genomics

Tumor mutational burden (TMB) has emerged as an important biomarker for predicting response for immune checkpoint inhibitors. What are the challenges currently faced by TMB and what is being done to address these issues?


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