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Speeches & Conferences

02/07-09  Foresee the future at "Future of Personalized and Precision Medicine" Conference 

What will our future be like in the era of precision medicine? Dr. Allen Lai, ACT Genomics senior VP, is honored to be a keynote speaker at the "Future of Personalized and Precision Medicine" conference in Singapore to speak on the topic of "The Reality and Challenges of Precision Medicine in Asia." Dr. Lai will discuss the complexities and clinical implementation of cancer genomics in Asia. ACT Genomics will also be conducting a workshop at the conference to share experiences on accurate patient selection for clinical trial through genomic markers, deciphering tumor profiling reports, and the applications and limitations of liquid biopsies. More info of the conference: http://claridenglobal.com/conference/precisionmedicine-sg-2018/

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02/02  ACT Genomics shows a new way to lung cancer treatment

Air pollution continues to rise at an alarming rate, which causes more lung cancer cases. Finding effective lung cancer treatment solution has become more important than ever. In precision medicine, genomic profiling can not only detect common EGFR, ALK mutations but also rare ROS1 mutation in lung cancer, which enables patients to receive the right treatment at the right time. To search for more effective lung cancer treatment strategies, Taiwan Clinical Oncology Society conducts Taiwan Lung Cancer Oncologists Meeting and invites ACT Genomics to introduce next generation sequencing and our advantages in genomic profiling services.

01/13  Let 's turn genomics into actionable solutions for NET

Neuroendocrine tumor, NET is a rare disease of gastrointestinal tract and endocrine organs. There is increasing global incidence, together with the considerable number of people living with NET (estimated prevalence: 35 per 100,000). Besides the traditional surgery for tumor removal, could it be treated better with genomic profiling? The Digestive Endoscopy Society of Taiwan holds a NET medical seminars on 01/13 in Taichung for more discussions about the latest NET treatment strategy. ACT Genomics will share more about precision medicine in our display area and provide information of cancer genomic profiling services to physicians.

12/13  A new hero to save children from pediatric cancer

Over 300,000 children develop cancer worldwide each year and most of them are suffered from leukemia. KK Woman 's and Children 's Hospital Pediatric Center is the largest center to treat 70% of pediatric cancer patients in Singapore, and their professional pediatric oncology team provides sophisticated cancer care. ACT Genomics is eager to rescue pediatric cancer patients by our genomic profiling services, so we introduced the latest development of precision medicine to this center, aiming to bring new hope to children's life!

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12/07  Shorten the race against time with ACT Genomics

The hot topic in global biopharma industry is to find the next cancer solutions. Abundant capital and agile business models with diversified partners are key factors leading to success in this fast-growing industry. In an important business gathering in Hong Kong, ACT Genomics created constructive and insightful dialogues with our new friends. Representatives from global biopharma and venture capital had great impression on our genomic profiling capability and the magic it has brought to cancer patients. To continue the glory of how we shorten the race against time, we invited more biopharma to join our journey to open up new pages to cancer drug development.

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12/06  ACT Genomics shared insights on diagnostic solutions in Frost & Sullivan webinar

The advance of genomic profiling has transformed cancer treatment by leaps and bounds. We used to spend decades to decode the genetic code and now we only need several days to receive our customized genomic profiling report. What is the next step? And how do we use innovative approach to integrate massive and complicated medical information to connect to the diagnostic solution? Global market research authority, Frost & Sullivan, held a webinar themed“Increased R&D Investments and Digitization Propel Growth of Diagnostic Solutions in Asia". ACT Genomics Senior Vice President, Dr. Allen Lai shared his insights in the webinar. Full webinar content: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/5565/282259

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Cancer Immunotherapy: Where we stand and move forward

ACT Genomics Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Shu Jen Chen and ACT Genomics Singapore scientist Dr.Poon share their insights on cancer immunotherapy mechanism, the feature of immune checkpoint inhibitors and the future direction of immunotherapy prediction. 
Full text: http://www.asiabiotech.com/21/2112/21120030x.html

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Pembrolizumab and trastuzumab combined show clinical activity in HER2-positive breast cancer

Abstract: Based on the results of a phase Ib/II PANACEA trial, pembrolizumab and trastuzumab exhibited response in HER2-positve breast cancer. See more...

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Pembrolizumab exhibits antitumor activity in advanced cervical cancer

Abstract: Based on the results of a cervical cancer cohort in KEYNOTE-028 trial, pembrolizumab showed durable antitumor activity in advanced cervical cancer. See more...

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Loss of heterozygosity at specific sites in BRCA1/2 germline mutation affects the response of treatment 

Abstract: It was found that breast or ovarian tumors with LOH at BRCA1/2 is associated with sensitivity to drug response. Locus-specific LOH can be a kind of biomarker to evaluate the effectiveness of DNA damaging drugs in patients with germline BRCA1/2 mutation. See more ...

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FDA authorized MSKCC's tumor profiling test

Abstract: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 's (MSKCC) tumor profiling test as an in vitro diagnostics (IVD). See more...

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Larotrectinib showed excellent efficacy in pediatric cancer with TRK fusion

Abstract: An updated phase I clinical trial data revealed the efficiency of larotrectinib in pediatric cancer with TRK fusion. See more...

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