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Speeches & Conferences

Jul   02-03   ACT Genomics unlocks the value of comprehensive genomic profiling in World Medicine 2018

Dr Allen is honoured to be invited to present his accepted abstract titled “Unlock the value of comprehensive genomic profiling: lessons and case studies in cancer management” at the World Medicine 2018, which will be held at Bangkok, Thailand from 2ed-3rdJul 2018.  For more details about World Medicine 2018: https://worldmedicine.conferenceseries.com/

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May 05-06   Novel treatment strategies in precision cancer medicine in TJCC

The most influential annual event in cancer treatment in Taiwan, the 23rd Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference (TJCC) will be held at Taipei Marriot Hotel from 5th-6th May. ACT Genomics invites the Deputy Director of Tokyo Medical and Dental University Cancer Center, Dr. Sadakatsu Ikeda as guest speaker and the Director of National Taiwan Hospital Graduate Institute of Oncology, Dr. James Chih-Hsin Yang as moderator, to share insights on novel treatment strategies in precision cancer medicine on 5th May 15:30-16:30. Novel treatment strategies, such as immune therapy and combination therapy of molecular targeted agents, are emerging to overcome the limited duration of response in common monotherapy treatment strategy. ACT Genomics will introduce how cancer genomic profiling services can assist the novel cancer treatment strategies in A29 display area.

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Apr 04&06   ACT Genomics is invited to share promises and challenges of NGS in Singapore

ACT Genomics is honoured to be invited to give an education talk at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital on 4th April, and Dr. Maarja-Liisa Nairismagi will be sharing on the topic, Can Next Generation Sequencing Fulfill its Promises in Cancer Management in the Era of Precision Medicine?  Also, another scientific talk will be given at The Cancer Centre in Singapore on 6th April by Dr.Liisa. She will be sharing on promises and challenges of Next Generation Sequencing in cancer management.

Mar 23    An exemplary high-tech biomedical enterprise in Southeast Asia

On 23rd March, Dr. Allen Lai on behalf of ACT Genomics was invited by Dr. LIU Shih-Chung, Vice Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (forth from the left) to share his experiences and strategy in promoting Taiwan’s cutting edge cancer molecular profiling among major countries in Southeast Asia. Dr. Liu applauded ACT Genomics’ achievement in successfully positioning itself as an exemplary high-tech enterprise for Taiwan’s biomedical companies in their south bound strategy to clinch the emerging market.

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Mar 20    Finding a way to avoid genetic discrimination 

With genomic profiling technology, more subsets of patients with common cancers are found harboring cancer-predisposing germline genetic alterations. Certain breast, ovary, pancreas, prostate and melanoma cancer patients carry hereditary BRCA1/2 mutations; certain stomach, colon, breast cancer patients carry hereditary CDH1 mutations; while certain GI, ovary, pancreas, urothelial and brain cancer patients carry hereditary MMR mutations. The Precision Oncology-Protection from Genetic Discrimination Symposium in Hong Kong attracted more than 145 oncology professionals. Dr. Shu-Jen Chen, Chief Scientific Officer of ACT Genomics joined oncologists to explore detection of germline mutations with NGS, share cases of early cancer treatment, and discuss how to assist patients with hereditary genetic mutations to avoid genetic discrimination.

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Mar 19   The rising star in Asia’s genomic profiling platform

CRISPR has been leading the way in the genomic industry, and who will be the next rising star with explosive business opportunities? Bio Asia invited potential candidates to share how they can influence the industry by their technology in Japan during 19 th -20th March. Dr. Shu-Jen Chen, Chief Scientific Officer of ACT Genomics introduced how personal genomic information can be transformed into guidance for cancer treatment selection through their know-how, which attracted investors’ attention.

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Mar 16   ACT Genomics shared NGS experiences in cancer management

ACT Genomics is honoured to be invited to give a scientific talk at University of Malaya Medical Centre, aiming to share the changes NGS can bring in cancer management. Dr. Maarja-Liisa Nairismagi shared on promises and challenges of Next Generation Sequencing  in cancer management.

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Mar 09   NGS market insight for Economist Intelligence Unit

ACT Genomics Singapore has been handpicked by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) as an market insight contributor for Asia’s Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Industry. On behalf of ACT Genomics, Dr. Allen Lai, Senior Vice President, has been interviewed by EIU on 9th March to provide his critical in-field observation of the trend and the adoption challenges of NGS in the years to come in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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Mar 09   Creating biomedical ecosystem to facilitate medical advances in Southeast Asia

On 9thMarch, Dr. Allen Lai was invited by His Excellency Mr. Francis Liang, Taiwan Representative to Singapore to share his insights on how Taiwan’s biotechnology companies can penetrate and expand in Southeast Asian markets. Dr. Lai also took this opportunity to illustrate the importance of creating an enabling biomedical ecosystem to facilitate development and access to innovative medical advances in several countries in Asia.

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Mar 05   ACT Genomics shared knowledge on genetics of hematological malignancies

ACT Genomics is honoured to be invited to give a scientific talk at the Department of Hematology in Singapore General Hospital. Dr. Maarja-Liisa Nairismagi shared knowledge on the genetics of hematological malignancies and the usage of tumor mutational burden (TMB) as a biomarker.

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A new ERK1/2 inhibitor showed clinical activity in patients with NRAS and BRAF-mutant solid tumors

Abstract : In a multicenter phase I trial (NCT01781429), patients with NRAS, BRAF or MEK-mutated advanced solid tumor were treated with ulixertinib, an ERK1/2 inhibitor, to identify its safeness and clinical activity. The results demonstrated that ulixertinib was well tolerated and had potential in treating cancer patients with NRAS and BRAF mutations.  See more...

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Cases on genetic information-guided treatment in patients with less common ERBB2 mutations

Abstract : The authors report two cases with the less common ERBB2 transmembrane domain (TMD) mutation. They were treated with afatinib and were confirmed achieving clinical benefits. There are other cases with the less common ERBB2 mutation as reported in The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the Memorial Sloan Kettering-Integrated Mutation Profiling of Actionable Cancer Targets (MSK-IMPACT) database. These cases suggest that establishing a database on the clinical genomic information and therapeutic outcome, especially in patients with less common mutations, is important in precision medicine. See more...

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ctDNA could predict the treatment response of palbociclib and fulvestrant for breast cancer patients

Abstract : In a phase III (PALOMA-3) study, clinical activity of palbociclib plus fulvestrant was confirmed in advanced hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer patients whose tumor had previously progressed on endocrine treatment. In this study, the authors used plasma samples from patients to analyze the association between clinical outcome and the relative change in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) levels after 15 days of treatment. The results indicated that dynamic change of ctDNA may be a biomarker for the prediction of clinical response of palbociclib and fulvestrant in breast cancer patients. See more ...

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New data from a phase IIa trial revealed the potential of the targeted therapy across tumor types on the basis of molecular profiles

Abstract : In the phase IIa (MyPathway) study, the patients with different advanced solid tumors harboring Her2, BRAF, EGFR or Hedgehog pathway alterations were treated with off-label use of targeted therapy which matching these mutations. The results evaluated the efficacy of the therapeutic strategy that treated patients across multiple tumor types by matching targeted therapy. See more...

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Early-onset hereditary ovarian cancer may be an X-linked model

Abstract : From 892 grandmother-granddaughter pairs of familial ovarian cancer samples, researchers found that the early-onset hereditary ovarian cancer gene may be located near the MAGEC3 gene on the X chromosome, and the male relatives with this mutation also have an increased risk of prostate cancer or other cancers. See more...

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