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Speeches & Conferences

Dec 29  Upcoming Educational Booth at Charity Walk of Apple Daily Charitable Foundation

Please come and support our game booth and test yourself on your knowledge in  precision medicine for cancer!

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Dec 13  Upcoming Public Medical Talk on Risk Assessment, Diagnosis, Genetic Testing & Treatment for Breast Cancer Patients

Precision medicine for breast cancer is an approach to diagnosis, treatment and prevention that takes into account of the inherited genetic makeup that one is born with and genes presented within the cancer cells. Genetic testing for inherited gene mutations that increase the risk of breast cancer, such as the BRCA gene, is offered to people with a strong family history of the disease. The information may help predict or diagnose disease and guide treatment decisions.

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Dec 07  ACT Genomics Shared Insights on Immunotherapy Strategy at Medical Device Innovation Summit 

2018  Medical Device Innovation Summit was held in Shanghai and experts include medical device design company, clinical physcian, policy maker, association & investment representatives and CRO company all joined this event to discuss how to improve the overall capability and enhance the competitive advantages.  ACT Genomics CSO, Dr. Shu Jen Chen presented a talk in IVD session titled  "assisting the development of immunotherapy by IVD".  ACT Genomics aims to contribute efforts in the development of medical device industry with experts from all field.  

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 Nov 29-Dec 02  ACT Genomics Introduced Precision Medicine in 2018 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO

2018 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO was held at Nangang exhibition center and ACT Genomics introduced genetic testing technology and ACTOnco®+,  the comprehensive genomic profiling service receiving Taiwan Innovation Award to general public. ACT Genomics aims to raise public awareness on how latest genetic technology can decrease cancer treatment risk and increase success rate.

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 Nov 24   ACT Genomics and Molecular Oncology Society of the Philippines Joint Dinner Symposium

ACT Genomics and Molecular Oncology Society of the Philippines jointly organized a dinner symposium on 24-Nov 2018 at Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel. The symposium titled “Precision cancer care in Asia — the significance of molecular profiling” has brought together more than 20 over medical oncologists from the Philippines. We were very thrilled to have Dr. Valerie Heong, medical oncologist from National University Cancer Institute, Singapore, to be our invited speaker sharing her topic on “Genomic profiling in solid tumour malignancy : Experiences from the integrated molecular analysis of cancer programme”. We were also very honoured to have Dr. Gloria R. Cristal-Luna, Former President of Molecular Oncology Society of the Philippines to give an opening speech and Dr. Leo Y. Marbella, President of Molecular Oncology Society of the Philippines to end this event with his closing remarks. Aside that, we also had Dr. Allen Lai, Senior VP of ACT Genomics sharing his insight on “Precision cancer care: Importance for the Philippines”. Followed by Dr. Liisa Nairismagi, medical science liaison of ACT Genomics presented topic on “Precision medicine: Molecular diagnostics perspective”.

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Nov 23-25  ACT Genomics Abstract Accepted in ESMO Asia 2018 Congress

ACT Genomics is honoured to have a poster presentation on 24-Nov during the ESMO Asia 2018 Congress at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. In this presentation, we shared our study and findings on critical reflection of Asian medical oncologists on NGS-guided precision treatment in Asia 2018. ESMO Asia 2018 Congress that held from 23 - 25 Nov 2018, gathered all oncology professionals in the Asia-Pacific region up to date with the fast pace of oncology science and education, and provide important networking opportunities with international peers.

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 Nov 22   Dr. Allen Lai of ACT Genomics Singapore Wins Executive of The Year - Biotechnology at The Singapore Business Review Management Excellence Awards 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Allen Lai, our Senior Vice President and Regional Managing Director of ACT Genomics Singapore for winning the Executive of the Year - Biotechnology award in the Singapore Business Review (SBR) Management Excellence Awards 2018. We are so proud to be led by his astounding leadership! Singapore Business Review has back on its fourth year, gathered over 160 corporate leaders in recognised outstanding executives and firms at the SBR Management Excellence Awards 2018 held at Conrad Centennial Singapore on 22 November 2018. The award honours the country’s most outstanding business leaders, including trailblazing individuals and teams whose initiatives have brought tangible business gains for their company’s operations. To read more: https://sbr.com.sg/co-written-partner/more-news/dr-allen-lai-act-genomics-singapore-pte-ltd-wins-executive-year-biotech

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 Nov 11  The 5th Hong Kong International Oncology Symposium Has Successfully Concluded

Through the effort and cooperation of the working committee consisting of the organizer Hong Kong Precision Oncology Society (HKPOS), and other supporting organizers including Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), City University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong and Guangdong General Hospital, the Hong Kong International Oncology Symposium (5th HKIOS) was held at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) and the City University of Hong Kong on 10 - 11 November, respectively. The event was a great success, gathering over 250 world-renowned experts to connect with the local clinical oncologists, pathologists, surgeons and cancer research scientists in Hong Kong. ACT Genomics is honored to be invited to play a major role in organizing the event. We greatly appreciate the dedications of the co-organizers in the working committee, namely in getting this symposium on board. Our gratitude also goes to various companies which offered their generous sponsorships, without them, holding of the symposium is not possible. Dr. Joseph Siu-KieAu, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, warmly welcomed the esteemed international guests and participants to the 5th HKIOS. Mr. Albert Wong (CEO of HKSTP) and Prof. Anne Lee (Head,  Dept of Clinical Oncology, the University of Hong Kong ;  Chief of Service, The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital in China, and the Chair of Specialty for Oncology at Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital) officiated the opening of the event by giving opening speeches. Furthermore, Prof. JieHe (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences ; Director of National Cancer Center (NCC) of China ; President of Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CHCAMS) ; Director of Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shenzhen Center) officiated at the Certificate Awarding Ceremony - StandingCommittee Member of World Association of Chinese Oncologists’. The wide-ranging program of the 5th HKIOS was proudly presented by numerous prestigious speakers, including Prof. Jie He (National Cancer Center of China) on“Cancer Prevention and Control in China: Present Status and Future Tasks”;  Prof. Dennis Lo (Chinese University of HongKong) on “Towards Cancer Screening using Circulating DNA”; Prof. Cassian Yee (MD Anderson Cancer Center) on “Adoptive T Cell Therapy: The Next Generation”; Prof. Lei Zheng (Johns Hopkins Medicine) on “Rational Combination of Immunotherapy”; and Dr. Shu-Jen Chen (Taiwan Precision Medicine Society) on “NGS-based Biomarker for Precision Immunotherapy”. Furthermore, Dr. Shu-Jen Chen also participated in a captivating panel discussion on “Personalized Immunotherapy” session.

This event serves as the bridge for cancer researchers, biotechnologists, clinical oncologists and clinicians in all other fields with exchange of knowledge in novel biomedical technologies, clinical trials and other updated medical practices. This dialogue between scientists, industry leaders and clinicians is essential to foster greater collaboration, enhance commercialization of innovative technological advances and bring critical treatment and preventive care to oncology patients. For those who wish to revisit the event, symposium presentations from some speakers will be available online at http://www.hkpos.org in early December 2018.

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Nov 9   Satellite Symposium on Precision Radiotherapy & Immunotherapy in HKU Co-organized by HKU Dept of Clinical Oncology and ACT Genomics

On Nov 9, HKU Department of Clinical Oncology and ACT Genomics co-organized a satellite symposium on Precision Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy prior to the 5th HKIOS. Renowned speakers - Prof. Cassian Yee, Dr. Frank Fan and Dr. Tony Wong delivered captivating presentations on the recent advances in immunotherapy & proton-therapy. Prof. Yee and Dr. Fan also visited the HKU Phase I Clinical Trials Center, and Dr. Wong visited the Department of Radiotherapy in Gleneagles Hospital.

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Nov 7   Scientific Lecture Delivered in Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau on NGS Application to Guide Targeted Therapy & Immunotherapy

On Nov 7, 2018, Dr. Timothy T.C. Yip (Laboratory Director, ACT Genomics), delivered a talk titled “The New Frontier in Precision Oncology Treatment: How Next-Generation Sequencing testing can guide the use of targeted & immune drugs in treatment of cancer patients?” at Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau. In this seminar, he highlighted: (1) the recent advances in gene targets for lung, breast, ovarian and colorectal cancers ; (2) the shift in the use from small gene panel to large panel by NGS to guide cancer treatment ; (3) how NGS test indices can affect the responsiveness of immune check-point drugs (i.e. PD1, PD-L1 or CTLA4 inhibitor drugs) and (4) the emergence of new supplementary biomarkers.

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Nov 6   Public Medical Talk "Where We Stand with Immunotherapyin Lung Cancers" 

On Nov 6, ACT Genomics sponsored a medical talk delivered by Dr. Jacky Li, consultant and specialist in Clinical Oncology, Hong Kong United Oncology Center, on the management and immunotherapy for lung cancer. The talk was held at the Hong Kong Playground Association.The talk covered topics ranging from main driver gene variants (EGFR, ALK and ROS1) for determining personalized treatment for lung cancer patients, to the understanding of drug resistance development.

One of the key technological advances is comprehensive cancer genomic profiling, which is available for two main types of patients: (1) those who wish to use targeted drugs / immunotherapy at the early stages of treatment, and (2) patients who are suffering from complex cancer cases. The key take home message from Dr. Li is that each patient’s disease is unique due to genetic mutations, therefore precise and quick genetic testing is essential to allow for the best possible treatment for individual patients. This will eliminate the waste of invaluable time and financial resources of the patients, providing more appropriate treatment with better treatment response and higher patients’ survival.

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Oct 28   ACT Genomics Was Invited to Participate at Macau Breast Cancer World Day

ACT Genomics was invited to participate at the Annual Breast Cancer Day organized by Associação de Feliz Paraíso and co-organized by Macau International Carnival Association, Macau Rehabilitation Association and Hong Kong Laughter Yoga Academy. 

This event is held annually in October (worldwide breast cancer awareness month), and is the city’s largest breast cancer awareness campaign. It aims to increase awareness of the disease to the local and regional community around Macau, giving valuable information on its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.  

The VIP list for this year’s event included Mr. Ruming Dai (Deputy Minister of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), Dr. Kuok Cheong U (Director of Conde S. JanuárioHospital) and other Macau government officials. This year, the event started with a workshop of "Laughter Yoga" for patients, followed by educational talks and panel discussion on the cancer management of breast cancer, given by clinical oncologists Dr. C.M. Leong and Dr. Cindy Wong .

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Oct 27  An Introductory Courses for Nurses on Genetic Counselling in Oncology

On Oct 27,  the Hong Kong Society of Medical Genetics and ACT Genomics co-organized an educational course for oncology nurses. During this event, speakers including Dr. Stephen Tak-Sum Lam, Director, Clinical Genetics Service, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital ; Dr. Ho-Ming Luk, Specialist in Genetics and Genomics (Paediatrics) ; Dr. Hilda Hiu Yan Wong, Specialist in Medical Oncology ; Dr. Tan Kien-Thiam, Vice Director of the Division of Medical Informatics and Ms. Zoey Hsu, Patient Education Executive from ACT Genomics. 

The event attracted >35 oncology nurses, where they received the latest technological updates in medical genetics, precision oncology and accompanying diagnostics tools, and how these new techniques create new levels of complexity in cancer risk assessment and management. As these nurses work at the frontline in the battle against cancer, it is essential for them to assist in effective and accurate communication between health practitioners and patients, where clear information regarding benefits, limitations and risks are delivered.

The event received many positive reviews and compliments. It is ACT Genomics’ wish to bring more attention and education in the advances of precision oncology.

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ACT Genomics Joins Cancer-Fighting League in US

ACT Genomics algorithm for Tumor Mutational Burden is recognized by US cancer institute and selected into  international immunotherapy evaluation project, as the only genetic testing company from Asia. 

Full text : https://money.udn.com/money/story/10161/3514490

ACTOnco®+ Received Taiwan Innovation Award

ACT Genomics comprehensive genomic profiling service,  ACTOnco®+ ,utilizes cutting-edge technology and professional biomedical and bioinformatics analysis to provide treatment options for late-stage cancers, which received Taiwan Innovation Award and is in application of US FDA IVD.
Full text : https://tw.news.yahoo.com/精準找藥-廣泛型基因檢測-獲國家新創獎-011500711.html

TAITRA Helps Taiwan Genetic Testing Platform Moving to Southeast Asia

ACT Genomics Senior Vice President Dr. Lai leads ACT Genomics Singapore Pte Ltd to enter Southeast Asia Market from Singapore by providing NGS genetic testing and integrated bioinformatics analysis to improve cancer treatment.

Full text : https://times.hinet.net/news/22124163

ACT Genomics Featured in Asia Pacific Biotech News Magazine

ACT Genomics is delighted to be featured in Asia Pacific Biotech News (APBN) magazine this month with column article titled “Asian oncologists’ perception in adopting next-generation sequencing multigene panels”. In this article, ACT Genomics shared our survey outcome on Asian oncologists’ perception and application of genomic testing in the clinical setting. 
Online version: http://www.asiabiotech.com/22/2211/22110016x.html

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Olaparib Significantly Improves PFS in BRCA-mutated Ovarian Cancer as Frontline Maintenance Therapy

Abstract :In the phase 3 SOLO-1 study, olaparib as frontline maintenance therapy showed significant PFS improvement in ovarian cancer patients carrying BRCA mutation.    See more...

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Rucaparib Shows Encouraging Anti-tumor Activity in Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer with a Deleterious BRCA Alteration

Abstract : According to the preliminary data of TRITON2 study, rucaparib showed anti-tumor activity in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer patients carrying BRCA mutation.   See more...

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FDA Granted Accelerated Approval of Lorlatinib in ALK+ NSCLC

Abstract : Based on data from a phase II study (B7461001), the FDA approved lorlatinib for the treatment of patients with ALK positive metastatic non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who have progressed on 1 or more ALK tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs).     See more...

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Infigratinib Shows Meaningful Clinical Activity in Patients with Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma (IHC) Containing FGFR2 Fusions

Abstract : According to updated phase II findings presented at the 2018 ESMO Congress, infigratinib, a selective pan-FGFR kinase inhibitor, demonstrated a clinical meaningful activity in patients with IHC..   See more...

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A Combination Therapy Can be Used to Control The Disease of Osimertinib-resistant Lung Cancer Patients with RET Gene Fusion

Abstract :This study indicated that RET fusion mutation is one of the mechanisms of drug resistance in EGFR-mutant lung cancer patients after osimertinib treatment. A combination therapy provides a new strategy to overcome the drug resistance.     See more...

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