Our Advantages

Comprehensive Cancer Management


Recent advances in science and medicine have allowed substantial improvements in cancer management. We are now able to conduct comprehensive analyses to better understand what drives a patient’s tumor, and translate this knowledge into clinical decisions. Cancer is caused by genetic alterations in cell signaling pathway genes, however signaling is complex and involves many pathways and hundreds of genes. Analyzing single genes or grouping a small number of commonly altered genes therefore often results in the loss of clinically relevant information. A better approach is to conduct comprehensive cancer genetic testing, which covers all important cancer pathways by analyzing 300-400 cancer genes.

ACT Genomics is the pioneer in this cutting-edge area. We perform comprehensive cancer genetic testing and utilize advanced bioinformatics to identify the best medical solutions for our patients.



CAP- accredited NGS Laboratory


CAP is the College of American Pathologists, the international laboratory certification authority with the highest credibility. Our NGS sequencing services received CAP certification in April 2016. Complying with CAP as well as ISO 17025, we are able to meet stringent requirements from academic, industry, and clinical partners.

We established a state-of-the-art next generation sequencing (NGS) platform and perform sequencing on Ion Personal Genome Machines, Ion Proton sequencers and Illumina MiSeq. We provide an ultra-deep targeted sequencing service which covers all coding exons of 440 genes to investigate critical biological pathways underlying cancer progression and treatment response.

Besides the CAP and ISO 17025 certificates, we have also received the Symbol of National Quality Award and Ion Torrent certification.


CAP certification versus CAP proficiency test :

CAP proficiency test can help laboratories to evaluate their capability and every laboratory is welcomed for attending the test. When applying for CAP certification, CAP proficiency test is required as the first step to enter the application process.



Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Services


The development of all cancers starts with genetic alterations of cancer-related genes. To cover the complexity of those alterations, we provide comprehensive genomic profiling services, allowing us not only to investigate different types of genetic alterations for hundreds of cancer-related genes, but also to map biological interactions of altered genes within a cell. This enables us to develop strategic treatment plans based on specific gene mutations while considering the respective signaling pathway interactions. Therefore, comprehensive genomic profiling helps physicians to create better treatment plans and improve clinical outcomes.



Integrated Bioinformatics Report


Comprehensive genomic profiling generates tremendous data which require a high-standard bioinformatics interpretation. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science which combines computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering to interpret biological data. With our own proprietary bioinformatics workflow and the in-depth industry know-how, our biology experts’ team integrates international and domestic clinical databases to provide valuable bioinformatics and medical solutions in our report.

Our report provides a wide scope of information including genetic alterations, therapeutic implications for FDA approved drugs, therapeutic implications for drugs in clinical trials, drug sensitivity/resistance information for targeted therapy, and immunotherapy response prediction.