ACTRisk™ Genetic Test For Hereditary Cancers - Start You & Your Family's Hereditary Medical Plan Better And Earlier


When multiple cases of cancer occur in a family, it is necessary to consider whether the family members are exposed to a shared intrinsic risk factor due to the inheritance of cancer-related gene mutations. Approximately 5–10% of cancers are caused by inherited genetic mutations, and mutations in many other hereditary cancer-related genes also increase the lifetime risk of cancer by up to 90 times as compared to the general population. These genes can be classified as either high penetrance, moderate penetrance, or low penetrance. Patients with moderate-to-high penetrance genes have a significantly higher risk of developing cancer and is suggested to have cancer screening, monitoring, and intervention early. Through high-quality hereditary genetic test ACTRisk, you and your family can start your hereditary medical plan better and earlier.

Hallmark of ACTRiskgenetic test for hereditary cancers :

  • One blood draw to detect 67 types of hereditary cancer genes
  • Evaluation of 9 major hereditary cancers
  • Evaluation of 11 cancer syndrome genes

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