Congratulations! ACT Genomics wins the Golden Torch Award of ” Annual Top 10 Enterprise”


Held by Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association (OEMA), the award ceremony of ” The 15th Golden Torch Award of R.O.C. Top 10 Enterprises ” took place in Taipei on November 29th. ACTGenomics won the award of “Annual Top 10 Best Enterprises” and the flagship product ACTOnco+ won the award of ”The Top 10 Best Products”

Dr. Hua-Chien Chen, ACT Genomics co-founder and CEO, leads a group of experts to implement cancer precision medicine from daily clinical treatment to diversified biophama projects. With global leading genomic profiling capability and Asia-focused cancer genomic database corresponding to USFDA level, ACT Genomics is actively expanding its influence in global cancer treatment.   

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