ACT Genomics and Allegiant Regional Care Hospital Announce Partnership in Cebu, Philippines.


ACT Genomics, a cancer molecular information services company, and ARC Hospitals, a new premier hospital group in the Philippines, are collaborating to offer genomic testing services in Cebu, Philippines.

As part of the partnership, ARC will offer ACTG genomic tests in the hospitals that it operates in and will thereby provide easy access to the novel molecular diagnostic tests to cancer patients in the Philippines, especially in Cebu. The aim of these advanced genomic tests is to understand the mutational profile of cancer patients’ tumor cells and to provide a genomic information-guided personalised treatment plan for every patient.

“Today, as we are reaching the era of precision medicine, genomic tests are an integral part of cancer patients clinical journey. Understanding the patient’s genomic landscape will empower clinicians to tailor the most optimal treatment plan for their patients to improve clinical outcomes, and reduce possible side effects and financial burden”, said Dr. Allen Lai, MD, PhD, managing director of ACTG Singapore and senior VP of ACTG.

“Personalized medicine has become an integral part in the optimal delivery of cancer care worldwide and the Filipinos deserve to have these services available”, said Dr. Alex Alegrado, Medical Director and COO of Allegiant Regional Care Hospitals, Inc.

About ACT Genomics (ACTG)

ACTG is a cancer molecular information service company specializing in precision diagnosis and personalized treatments. Headquartered in Taipei, the company has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai, providing state-of-the-art cancer genomic profiling services to Asian patients.  

The company has a clinical laboratory accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Its expertise include clinical sample preparation and sequencing, integrative genomics analysis and comprehensive clinical reports. In addition to its clinical services, ACTG also offers solutions to clinical research institutes and biopharma.

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About Allegiant Regional Care (ARC) Hospital

ARC hospital is a collaborative effort by a team of local and international medical professionals to advance healthcare delivery in the Philippines – with personal commitment to focus on the patients' care and well-being. Founded on the principle that healthcare goes beyond the hospital premises, the system of best practices and concepts, the very core of ARC Hospitals, is to enhance delivery of healthcare services among the most modern facilities. In addition, ARC hospital aims to be the first digital hospital in the Philippines through the aid of its affiliates ICON SOC, Napier Healthcare Solutions and Bluewater Resorts.

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