ACT Genomics Partners With Oncoshot To Drive Clinical Trial At A Strategic Level


To find the missing  piece in accurate clinical trial matching, ACT Genomics partners with Oncoshot, a Singapore medical start-up, to offer comprehensive molecular information for Oncoshot’s clinical trial platform in SEA. With real-time and digital features, this platform enables around 70,000 cancer patients in Singapore to hunt clinical trials strategically with molecular targets identified in a short time.  ACT Genomics offers vouchers and discounts to encourage cancer patients to use  genomic profiling services  for clinical trial selection.

To facilitate identification, matching, communication, enrollment between physicians and patients in clinical trials, Oncoshot explores collaboration on SE Asia’s first Ecosystem for Cancer Clinical Trials and Treatment Options, Oncoshot signs Memorandum of Understanding with ACT Genomics, Singapore Clinical Research Institute, and Private Oncology Groups - Novena Cancer Centre and Curie Oncology for this efficient platform.

 ACT Genomics genomic profiling services differentiate Oncoshot from other platforms, which provides more strategic perspectives and offers higher success rate in clinical trial with particular characteristics of cancer and genetic mutations identified. Patients can evaluate the priority of their treatment referring to clinical trial qualifications with sufficient time, and make the best decision for treatment based on the genomic profiling result.

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