Teddy Lab, A Central Lab Partner Of ACT Genomics, And AstraZeneca China Signed Strategic MOU To Develop Cancer Precision Medicine Solution In China


Teddy Lab and AstraZeneca China signed strategic MOU for the CDx development of HRD, the standardization of sequencing and commercialization to provide cancer patients precision diagnosis and treatment as one-stop service. ACT Genomics serves as the R&D center of the HRD assay development.

Under the development of precision medicine, more and more targeted drugs are developed based on cancers’ genomic signatures in order to improve cancer treatment. Clinical trials prove the effectiveness of PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancers, and the CDx need for BRCA and HRD genes are increasing.

Through ACT Genomics’ HRD sequencing platform, the technical assistance of Teddy Lab and the promising clinical efficacy of PARP inhibitors, this cooperation can help more ovarian cancer patients in China to fight cancer.

Source :  https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/iRklzjlfAGvRJGG0CrvelQ