ACT Genomics' TMB harmonization result is published in the Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer


The most concerned question in cancer treatment - who will respond to immunotherapies? can now be answered by the TMB Harmonization Project. Held by Friends of Cancer Research, this large-scale cooperation among diagnostics and pharma competitors ever, tumor mutational burden (TMB), the predictive IO biomarker is broadly calculated by each participant for harmonization in order to offer final recommendations as important TMB guidelines.

11 panel laboratories has worked together to define variability in TMB values across panels and created recommendations to guide the field of gene panel development through guidelines on TMB reporting, analytic validation requirements, and alignment using a reference standard.

In this  project, ACT Genomics is the only Asian genomic profiling company contributing to define variability in TMB values across multiple gene panels and our flagship panel, ACTOnco®+, predicts TMB for harmonization.

Recommendations are :

  • Ensure reporting consistency that TMB should be reported in mutations/megabase (mut/Mb)
  •  Analytical validation studies for TMB estimation should be standardized to include assessment of analytical accuracy, precision, and sensitivity
  • Consistency across panels could be ensured through alignment of panel TMB values to WES-derived universal reference standard

TMB Project results published in the Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer:

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