Lung Cancer is Not Just One Disease

NSCLC Prevalence Driver Mutations

Identify More Targeted Therapy Options

Every cancer tumor is unique. Doctors can now look at the genetic makeup of a tumor to determine whether a patient is suitable for a specific type of targeted therapy. For example, non-small cell lung cancer patients are often tested for EGFR or ALK mutations to see whether they are appropriate candidates for targeted therapies that target these mutations. However, patients who do not respond to these treatments or do not test positive to these mutations may need to test for additional drug targets.

Screen 40 Druggable Genes

ACTDrug®+ is a cancer genomic profiling test that sequences 40 important genes associated with targeted therapies that are FDA approved. Compared to screening one gene at a time (single gene tests), ACTDrug®+ saves time and tissue samples, and most importantly, provides more information for physicians to identify the most suitable therapy based on each patient's genetic alterations.


∙ Suitable for: Lung cancer and other solid tumors

∙ Sample types: Tissue samples

∙ Turnaround time: 12 calendar days after samples are received

Ask Your Doctor First

It is important to discuss with your doctor first as many factors need to be taken into consideration when forming treatment plan. If you and your doctor decide that genomic testing is right for you, your doctor will order the test and assist in sending the required sample to our laboratory.