ACTDrug®+ is a cancer genomic profiling service that sequences 40 druggable genes associated with targeted therapies that are FDA approved. ACTDrug+ provides personalized treatment plan by identifying the most suitable therapy based on each patient's genetic alterations.

Some cancer-related genes are altered more often than others, and alterations in certain genes may be occurring more often in certain cancer types. ACTDrug+ is a genomic profiling test especially designed for patients with breast, lung, colorectal or gastric cancer. 

ACTDrug+ is most suitable for patients with solid tumors who are

■ Newly diagnosed with breast, lung, colorectal or gastric cancer

■ First time targeted therapy users

Sample types:

Typical tissue samples include FFPE (formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded) tissue, excessive body fluids associated with cancers such as lung water or ascites, etc.

Turnaround time:

14 calendar days after samples are received