Approximately 5-10% of cancers are caused by inherited genetic variants (germline mutations). In addition to the well-characterized BRCA1/2, mutations in many other genes also cause a higher lifetime risk of cancer, up to 10-90 times higher than for someone without a mutation.

ACTRisk™ Genetic Test for Hereditary Cancer

ACTRisk™ is a fast and accurate genetic test that analyzes 32 genes strongly associated with 8 common hereditary cancers and 6 cancer syndromes. It provides important genetic information that helps physicians and genetic counselors to precisely evaluate cancer risk.

ACTRisk™ is most suitable for:

■ Individuals with high risk of familial cancer

■ Cancer patients with a family history of cancer

■ Cancer patients without family history of cancer but have multiple tumors diagnosed before age 50

■ Individuals with suspected risk factors for inherited cancer

Sample types:

8 ml whole blood 

buccal swab

Turnaround time:

30 calendar days after samples are received