ACT Genomics is a leading supplier of precision oncology solutions with over 200 partnerships with hospitals in the Asia region. We keep abreast of the latest in biomarker discovery in clinical trials. This allows us to provide a broad spectrum of cutting-edge solutions to optimize the treatment of cancer through our validated tests for biomarker exploration, patient stratification, and patient referral program. The data analysis is conducted at our CAP-accredited laboratories based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Japan. In addition, the proprietary pipelines in bioinformatics and medical interpretation enable us to generate precious molecular information across all solid tumor types at all stages of disease.

With our active participation in various international precision oncology programs, ACT Genomics is committed to be a major contributor to precision medicine by working with pharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical trials through retrospective analysis, patient screening, precision patient enrollment and companion diagnostic development.

Biomarker Exploration

for Targeted Agents

ACT Genomics provides comprehensive genomic profiling to facilitate biomarker discovery. The ACTOnco®+ laboratory developed test (LDT) has become widely accepted for tissue-based comprehensive genomics profiling (CGP) across all solid cancers, with much support from peer-reviewed publications.

ACTOnco®+ covers the genes involved in the hallmarks of cancer, and provides comprehensive tumor mutation information, which includes SNV, CNV, tumor mutational burden, MSI and fusion, of 440 genes from FFPE samples.

ACT Genomics offers immunohistochemistry (IHC) and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to accelerate clinical development programs. Please contact us for more details.

for Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a promising treatment option for cancer patients. However, the response rate remains low at approximately 20%. Therefore, it is crucial to consider predictive biomarkers in a patient's treatment plan to identify those who are more likely to respond to immunotherapy.



ACTOnco®+ Covers TMB, MSI and Immune-related Genes

ACTOnco®+ sequences genes involved in immune response, and antigen processing and presenting machinery. The mutation statuses of these genes should be considered when recommending immunotherapy. ACTOnco®+ covers TMB, MSI and immune-related genes to evaluate the potential benefit from immunotherapy.

  • - Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB)
  • - Microsatellite Instability (MSI)
  • - Immune-related Genes

See Immune-Related Genes covered by ACTOnco®+

Immune Checkpoint - CD274 (PD-L1) - PDCD1LG2 (PD-L2) - PDCD1 (PD-1) - CTLA4 (CTLA-4)
Immune Response, Antigen Presentation and Processing Machinery - B2M - CANX - HSP90AA1 - HSP90AB1 - TAP1 - TAP2 - TAPBP - CALR - PTEN - MDM2 - MDM4 - JAK1/2


ACTTMETM is an RNA-based immune profiling assay that enables the characterization of a tumor-immune microenvironment beyond traditional "immune-filtrated" or "non-immune-filtrated" classification, which provides insights to facilitate immuno-oncology drug development.

  • - Profiles > 100 cancer genes to evaluate immunotherapy
  • - Accommodates highly degraded RNA specimens with low inputs
  • - Fast turnaround time


  • - MHC I Pathway
  • - Active CD4 T Cell
  • - Active CD8 T Cell
  • - Memory CD4 T Cell
  • - Memory CD8 T Cell
  • - MDSC
  • - Regulatory T Cell
  • - Checkpoint Molecules
  • - Tumor Secretory Cytokines
  • - Immune Inflammation
  • - Immune Escape Mechanism

Patient Screening

Precision medicine helps to identify the right patients for the right treatment at the right time. ACT Genomics has established NGS-based and IHC platforms for patient screening. We have CAP-accredited laboratories and provide a wide range of services to support clinical trials across Asia.

With validated clinical-grade services for both tissue and liquid biopsy samples, we help to identify patients who possess molecular alterations within or outside the study sites. With our expanded footprint in Asia and our well-established network of treating physicians, ACT Genomics is the trusted partner to facilitate patient screening in Asia.

Clincal-grade NGS

We have a cutting-edge, ultra-sensitive NGS service platform that provides precise detection of cancer genetic variants using minimum tumor samples. ACT Genomics offers solutions for diverse specimen types with an expertise in bioinformatics analysis that integrates public and proprietary databases to deliver comprehensive and comprehensible medical reports.

  • patients

    Optimized Preparation for Diverse Samples

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    NGS Platform with International Certification

  • patients

    Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis

  • patients

    Comprehensive Medical Report

Clinical Trial Support

With certified platforms and continuously developing services for emerging biomarkers, we serve as a biopharma partner to provide customized solutions for biomarker-driven trials. With over 200 partnership with hospitals in Asia, we have systematically organized our database for patient referral, which has established a network to help match sequenced patients with clinical trials. We are able to accelerate your clinical trials by maximizing the use of patient sequencing.

Central Lab Service and Lab Credit

ACT Genomics has obtained accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for our laboratories in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as our joint venture laboratory in Japan. We have established a strong presence in Asia, and are trusted by hundreds of physicians and collaborating hospitals, as well as biopharma partners, with a flexibility in operation, service and local support according to your needs.

Precision Patient Enrollment

With an extended footprint and established partnerships with ordering physicians in Asia, we identify patients who possess rare or specific biomarkers through our clinical services and connect the treating physicians with the sponsors. In so doing, we increase the treatment options for the patients by matching them with the available trials and accelerate the progression of clinical trials by enhancing the enrollment rate.

Enlarging R&D Pipelines

Combination Therapies

Value-based Care

Precision Medicine

Precision Enrollment


Identify Patients

We match the patient profile from our database with the criteria of interest for your clinical trial.


Perform Outreach

Our team reaches out to the physicians and provides them with the relevant clinical trial information.


Build Connections

We connect the sponsors with the interested physicians for further information exchange.


Evaluate Enrollment

Sponsors and physicians evaluate the patient profile for enrollment in the trial.