Comprehensive Cancer Genomic Profiling Service


Find the Right Treatment for Your Cancer Patient

ACTOnco®is developed with the aim of supporting and answering the clinical challenges faced during the management of major solid tumors, including carcinomas, sarcomas, and lymphomas. ACTOnco®+ panel comprises 440 specially-curated genes, 31 fusion genes & 182 fusion transcripts and references the Hallmarks of Cancer to facilitate treatment strategies, including:Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, Immunotherapy and Pharmacogenomics.

Cancer Signaling Pathway Analysis-Identify more treatment options with pathway integration

ACTOnco®comprehensively identifies genetic alterations of each signaling pathway to evaluate drug options based on upstream and downstream interactions. By incorporating comprehensive genomics profiling and integrating signaling pathway analysis, ACTOnco® + provides clinicians with a more holistic understanding of the major cancer-driven events during tumorigenesis and provides more targeted therapeutic strategies.


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ACT Genomics provides the best precision medicine service to every patient every day. Providing patients with the ideal testing experience is our goal. Below, you will find stories from real ACT Genomics patients — about their experiences. We hope these will give you more of an idea of what to expect when you have our test for your needs.

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