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ACT Genomics has been dedicated to precision medicine for seven years.

ACT Genomics has been dedicated to precision medicine for seven years. In addition to providing new treatment options through genetic testing for our patients, we also care deeply about our patients, accompanying them going through the journey of fighting against cancer and listening to their life stories.

This year, we invited Abu, an illustrator as well as a cancer fighter, together with the Nurse Educator team in Taiwan, to create a few new paintings which heartily reflect the sensation of fragility and strength, pain and joy as well as inner conflict and relief while fighting against cancer. With these paintings from Abu and the life stories of the patients, we will launch a series of events with the title “Hope and Rainbows” at the end of 2021.

The series of events starts with the 2022 calendar and an online exhibition at the end of this year, followed by the sale of postcards for charity in the January of 2022, the collaboration with Taiwanese NGOs related to cancer in September, and the exhibition in Zhongshan MRT Station in October. Through these vivid and dynamic paintings of Abu and the life stories collected by our Nurse Educator team, we hope to deliver a message to patients that we care and are always around.

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