Targeted Cancer Genomic Profiling Service

Select Drugs for Your Cancer Patient

Provides tailored drug options through precise genomic profiling for important actionable genes.


A Precise Choice for Cancer Genomic Profiling

ACTDrug®+ is a next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based assay, which sequences 40 actionable genes, 13 fusion genes and more than 350 fusion transcripts simultaneously from cancer specimens in our CAP-accredited laboratory. This assay is specially designed for patients with breast, lung, colorectal or gastric cancers, providing tailored genomic profiling and recommendations of targeted drugs approved by the US FDA.


Explore Various Genetic Alterations for More Precise Therapeutic Implication

ACTDrug®+ performs various genetic variation analyses. In addition to single nucleotide variation (SNV) and small insertion/ deletion (InDel), it provides copy number variation (CNV) analysis for 22 genes and fusion gene detection for more precise determination of potential implications.

Hallmarks of ACTDrug® +

  1. Drug-Target-Based Panel
    Sequences 40 actionable genes,13 fusion genes and more than 350 fusion transcripts with genetic alterations.

  2. Tailored Drug Options
    Analyzes single nucleotide variation (SNV), small insertion/deletion (InDel), copy number variation (CNV)and fusion gene to provide tailored drug options.

  3. Short Turnaround Time
    Provides professional solutions within 8 working days (starting from the date of receipt of approved samples at our CAP-accredited laboratory).

  4. High Sensitivity
    Uses the NGS platform for microscale specimens.

  5. Pioneering Bioinformatics
    Integrates cancer biology, medical biology, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, bioinformatics, data science and pharmaceutical biology to provide insightful interpretation of the data analyses.

Summary of ACTDrug® +

  1. For All Solid Tumors
    Selects the most suitable treatment for newly diagnosed patients based on actionable genetic mutations.

  2. Precise Reporting
    Considers targeted therapies and hormonal therapies approved by US FDA or in clinical trials.

Technical Specifications


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

40 actionable genes





Sequencing Mean Depth

≥ 800 x



Comprehensive testing of 13 fusion genes and more than 350 fusion transcripts


Specimen Requirements*

Tumor tissue (FFPE)

*refer to our specimen instructions