Target Cancer Genomic Profiling Service

ACTDrug®+ : Select Drugs for Your Cancer Patient

Providing tailored drug options through precise genomic profiling for 40 druggable genes

A Precise Choice for Cancer Genomic Profiling

ACTDrug®+ is a next-generation sequencing based assay, sequencing 40 druggable genes simultaneously from cancer specimens in our CAP accredited lab. This assay is specially designed for patients with breast cancer, lung, colorectal or gastric cancer, providing tailored genomic profile and recommendations of targeted drugs approved by USFDA.

Exploring Various Genetic Alterations for More Precise Therapeutic Implications

ACTDrug®+ sequences 40 druggable genes and performs various genetic variation analysis. Besides single nucleotide variation (SNV) and small insertion/ deletion (InDel), it provides copy number variation (CNV) analysis for 22 genes to detect more drug related important alterations and provide more precise implications.


Hallmark of ACTDrug®+

  1. Target Cancer Types

    Breast , Lung, Colorectal and Gastric cancer
  2. Target Patients

    Newly diagnosed with breast cancer, lung, colorectal or gastric cancer.
    First time treated with targeted therapy
  3. Precise Report Content

    Genetic alterations.
    Therapeutic implications for FDA approved drugs

Why ACTDrug®+

Can be performed Fast and Accurately

  1. Drug Targeted-Based Panel

    Sequencing 40 druggable genes with genetic alterations
  2. Offering Tailored Drug Options

    Analyzing single nucleotide variation (SNV), small insertion/deletion (InDel) and copy number variation (CNV) to provide tailored drug options
  3. Short Turnaround Time

    Providing professional solutions within 14 calendar days
  4. High Sensitivity

    Using NGS platform for microscale specimens
  5. Pioneering Bioinformatics

    Specializing in cancer biology, medical biology, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, bioinformatics, data science,and pharmaceutical biology to provide insightful interpretation


NGS Sequencing

40 Druggable Genes


> 3800

NGS Sequencing Mean Depth

> 800 X

Additional Assay for Lung Cancer

fusion gene detection

( including 72 fusion transcripts )

Prediction of Immunotherapy Response

Microsatellite instability (MSI) testing

Sample Types


Core needle biopsy

Pleural effusion *

Ascites samples *

Cerebrospinal fluid **

* Pleural effusion and ascites samples need to be processed into cell blocks before sending to ACT Genomics.
** Please contact ACT Genomics via email ( for details of sending CSF sample.