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ACT Genomics makes personalized medicine accessible to everyone, empowering patients and doctors to stay ahead of cancer.

Our Mission

To Make Personalized Medicine Accessible to All

We use cutting-edge genomic testing to create tailored treatment plans that are precise, fast, and reliable.

With roots in Asia and a commitment to constant innovation, we collaborate closely with our network of experts in cancer biology, genomics, and bioinformatics to lead the way in optimizing cancer management.

Our Values

Prioritize Patients with Care

We care for our patients and place their well-being as our utmost priority. This philosophy ensures that every decision, technology, and service is geared toward providing the best possible care and support to those battling cancer.

Build Trust Through Teamwork

We foster a culture of teamwork and open communication to facilitate seamless collaboration and achieve extraordinary results. This approach helps us establish a reputation for exceptional quality, instilling trust in our patients, partners, and team members.

Progress with Accountability

We create progress and promote positive change by being accountable, transparent, and owning our actions with integrity. This motivates us to commit to our goals, strive for excellence, and establish a strong foundation for growth.

Stay Positive at All Times

We put passion, love, and energy into everything we touch. We believe that upholding a positive attitude enables us to make a real difference and create a welcoming environment where all patients, partners, and staff feel safe and supported.

Our Story

Turn Genomics Into Action

ACT Genomics is an award-winning cancer solution provider founded in 2014 by a small group of scientists from academia. With our name, ACT Genomics, reflecting our passion to “turn genomics into action”, we set out to apply academic theories in clinical practice and truly make personalized cancer care accessible to all.

Over the years, our practical experience has helped academic research make remarkable progress, which has in turn enhanced our cancer solutions with high efficiency and accuracy. As a pioneer in Taiwan and the wider Asian region, we are committed to empowering cancer patients with advanced genomic treatments and continuing to make strides forward in precision medicine.




ACT Genomics NGS laboratory opens


Establishes bioinformatics platform


ACT Genomics Singapore branch opens



Acquires CAP (NGS) laboratory certification


ACT Genomics Hong Kong branch opens

ACT Genomics forms its subsidiary in Shanghai


Receives the Symbol of National Quality in Taiwan


ACT Genomics Japan branch opens

ACT Genomics receives Frost & Sullivan Product LineStrategy Leadership Award (Molecular Diagnostics)



ACT Genomics enters into a joint venture with Canon Medical System Corporation named ACTmed


ACTOnco®+ receives National Innovation Award in Taiwan


ACTmed establishes an analysis laboratory named "Shonan iPark Laboratory" in "Shonan Health Innovation Park" in Kanagawa, Japan


ACT Genomics opens third laboratory in Asia at Hong Kong Science & Technology Park

ACT Genomics wins Taiwan Bio Industry Organization Awards- Emerging Company of the Year

ACT Genomics forms a collaboration with AIA Hong Kong to promote precision cancer medicine


ACT Genomics wins the Golden Torch Award of "Annual Top 10 Enterprise" in Taiwan


ACT Genomics wins 2019 National Innovation Award in Taiwan



ACT Genomics partners with Oncoshot to drive clinical trials at a strategic level in Singapore


ACT Genomics is the first to receive approval for laboratory-developed NGS tests and services (LDTS) in Taiwan


ACT Genomics and Nan Shan Life Insurance cooperate to promote high-quality cancer precision medicine services in Taiwan


ACT Genomics becomes a member of The Global Alliance For Genomics And Health (GA4GH)

ACT Genomics acquires ISO/IEC 27001 certification


ACT Genomics completes acquisition of MC Diagnostics

ACT Genomics Hong Kong Lab Limited acquires CAP Laboratory Certification


ACT Genomics receives 2021 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award


CerbACT Asia – a joint venture between ACT Genomics and Cerba Research – is formed to establish a new and top-notched facility in Taipei


ACT Genomics acquires Sanomics



ACT Genomics' Thailand subsidiary acquires ISO 15189:2012 accreditation


ACT Genomics' Thailand subsidiary acquires ISO 15190:2003 accreditation


Prenetics Global Limited (NASDAQ: PRE) acquires a majority stake in ACT Genomics Holdings Company Limited


ACT Genomics receives clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for ACTOnco®


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