ACTMonitor®Cancer Monitoring


ACTMonitor®+ -Liquid Biopsy to Monitor Tumor Burden and Drug Resistance

ACTMonitor® + uses circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to provide an early detection of cancer recurrence and drug resistance. ctDNA consists of fragments of DNA released from necrotic or apoptotic tumor cells into the blood stream. ctDNA carries important genetic information of cancer patients, and changes dramatically before changes can be observed by protein markers and in radioimages. Therefore, ctDNA provides a strong basis for molecular diagnostic tests. Monitoring ctDNA can detect occurrence of variants that would lead to drug sensitivity or resistance, providing assessment on treatment responses and early detection for cancer recurrence.


Liquid Biopsy Advantages

- A non-invasive test, which decreases risk of infection and enables repeated testing at different time points

- Variants detected can reflect tumor heterogeneity

- Highly sensitive and real time monitoring of tumor dynamics

- Assessment of treatment response, understanding resistance mechanisms and monitoring cancer recurrence

ACTMonitor®+ Advantages

- Repeated analyses of liquid biopsies over time enable long term disease monitoring

- Provides real-time and comprehensive tumor mutation analyses

- Monitors treatment outcome and provides information on the occurrence of mutations that leads to drug resistance

- Applicable for different types of solid tumors

- Short turnaround time: 14 calendar days

Report Content

- Genetic Alteration

- Drug sensitivity/ resistance information for targeted therapy


Who is Suitable?

  1. Patients with solid tumor unsuitable for surgery

  2. Patients with solid tumor and have developed drug resistance

  3. Patients with solid tumor and risk of cancer recurrence resistance

  4. Patients with solid tumor and wish to monitor treatment response



0.5% Variant Frequency

NGS Sequencing Mean Depth

7000 X

Sample Types

Sample Requirements

8 ml whole blood 

NGS Sequencing

ACTMonitor®Lung       11gene

ACTMonitor®Breast     8 gene

ACTMonitor®Colon    13 gene

ACTMonitor® +              50 gene