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Customize your cancer treatment to see better results. Let us decode the specific genomic causes of your cancer and recommend the optimal treatment plan for you.

Why ACT Genomics

High Success Rate

We achieve exceptional results with limited samples by continually optimizing our laboratory protocols.

In Sync Database

We ensure relevant clinical application in sync with periodically updated databases.

Timely, Ongoing Support

We offer test consultations and deliver speedy reports with 1-on-1 report consultations for ongoing support.

Well-Trusted Brand

ACT Genomics is internationally recognized and engaged by major cancer hospitals and clinics.

Our Focuses

Cutting-Edge Technology

Implement of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and multiplex molecular testing platforms, coupled with sophisticated bioinformatics analysis tools.

Asian-Prone Database

Our solid cases in clinical and research fields provides rich Asian-prone database to conduct precision bioinformatic analysis.

Thoughtful, Ongoing Support

By integrating above, ACT Genomics provides thoughtful and ongoing support to cancer treatment. Our team provides extensive cares to patients from bioinformatic, medical and nursing perspective.

Our Tests

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How to Get Started

Ask Your Doctor


Your doctor will assess your medical history to determine if a genomic test is needed. Our genomic testing services are available only through a medical practitioner (doctor).

Send Your Sample


Once your doctor selects the appropriate genomic test, we will assist in collecting and sending your sample to our laboratory.

Wait for Results


Upon receiving your sample, we will first conduct quality control. Once approved, the testing will take 8 to 21 working days depending on the ordered genomic test. We will send the results to your doctor.

Plan Your Treatment


At your next appointment, your doctor will explain the test results and discuss the most suitable treatment plan with you.


Is a genomic testing result able to cure my cancer?
Can I use my older biopsy tissue for genomic testing?
What types of samples/specimens are best for genomic testing?
Why should I consider ACT Genomics instead of other providers to do the genomic testing?
Can I order the genomic test by myself without going through a doctor?


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Explore the immense possibilities and promising future of precision medicine. Together, let us unlock the power of genomic testing and personalize cancer care for the most effective treatment.


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