Amplify Discoveries in Partnership

We have College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited laboratories and provide a wide range of services to support clinical trials globally.

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Why ACT Genomics

High Success Rate

We achieve exceptional results with limited samples by continually optimizing our laboratory protocols.

Tailored for Asian Genes

We ensure relevant clinical applications with periodically updated databases with a focus on Asians.

Timely, Ongoing Support

We offer test consultations and deliver speedy reports with 1-on-1 report consultations for ongoing support.

Well-Trusted Brand

ACT Genomics is internationally recognized and engaged by major cancer hospitals and clinics.

Our Focuses

Clincal-Grade NGS

We have a cutting-edge, ultra-sensitive NGS service platform for precise cancer variant detection from minimal tumor samples. We offer solutions for diverse specimen types with expertise in bioinformatics analysis that integrates public and proprietary databases to deliver comprehensive and easy-to-understand medical reports.

Clinical Trial Support

With certified platforms and continuously developing services for emerging biomarkers, we serve as a biopharma partner to provide customized solutions for biomarker-driven trials. With over 200 partnership with hospitals in Asia, we have systematically organized our database for patient referral, which has established a network to help match sequenced patients with clinical trials. We are able to accelerate your clinical trials by maximizing the use of patient sequencing.

Central Lab Service and Lab Credit

We have obtained accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for our laboratories in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as our joint venture laboratory in Japan. With a strong presence in Asia, we are trusted by hundreds of physicians, hospitals, and biopharma partners. We are flexible in operations, services, and local support, catering to your specific needs.

Our Tests

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Precision Enrollment

Identify Patients


We match the patient profile from our database with the criteria of interest for your clinical trial.

Perform Outreach


Our team reaches out to the physicians and provides them with the relevant clinical trial information.

Build Connections


We connect the sponsors with the interested physicians for further information exchange.

Evaluate Enrollment


Sponsors and physicians evaluate the patient profile for enrollment in the trial.


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