Lung Cancer

Cancer Type

Tumor Tissue (FFPE)

Specimen Requirements

8 Working Days

Turnaround Time ¹

ACTLung™ targets 13 common driver genes and assists newly diagnosed lung cancer patients to rapidly determine a first-line targeted therapy opportunity.

Primary Testing for Lung Cancer Patient


Lung Cancer Related Genes


Fusion Genes

Hallmarks of ACTLung™

Tailored Drug Options

Analyses single nucleotide variation (SNV), small insertion/deletion (InDel) and fusion genes to provide tailored drug options.

Clear and Detailed Medical Reporting

The report provides recommendations in accordance with the latest ACMG Guidelines and AMP Guidelines, as well as other relevant information such as disease risk based on the currently available clinical literature.‍

Quality Guarantee

All tests carried out by ACT Genomics are conducted in a CAP-certified laboratory, which has also earned the LDTS (Laboratory Developed Tests and Services) certification by the Taiwan FDA.

Short Turnaround Time

Provides professional solutions within 8 working days (starting from the date of receipt of approved samples at our CAP-accredited laboratory).

Bioinformatics Analysis Based on International Databases

Extracts up-to-date information from international databases, such as gnomAD, 1000 Genome, ClinVar, COSMIC, as well as ACT Genomics' in-house ethnographic database, to provide relevant interpretation and useful insights on the variants identified.

Drug-Target-Based Panel

Sequences 13 actionable genes and 8 fusion genes with genetic alterations for targeted therapies.


Assists Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer Patients to Rapidly Identify First-Line Targeted Therapy Opportunities

Lung cancer has the highest mortality rate among all cancer types. In recent years, the rapid development of drugs has provided lung cancer patients with the opportunity to achieve better treatment results. Patients with newly diagnosed NSCLC can consider using ACTLung™ to identify opportunities focusing targeted drugs.

A Precise Choice for Cancer Genomic Profiling

ACTLung™ is a next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based assay, which sequences 13 actionable genes and 8 fusion genes transcripts simultaneously from cancer specimens in our CAP-accredited laboratory. This assay is specifically designed for patients with lung cancer, providing tailored genomic profile and recommendations of targeted drugs approved by USFDA.

ACTLung™ performs various genetic variation analyses. In addition to single nucleotide variation (SNV) and small insertion/ deletion (InDel), it provides fusion gene detection for more precise implications.

For Solid Tumors

Selects suitable treatment for newly diagnosed patients based on actionable genetic mutations.

Precise Reporting

Considers targeted therapies and hormonal therapies approved by US FDA or in clinical trials.

Technical Specifications

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

13 actionable genes

Specimen Requirements2

Tumor tissue (FFPE)

Sequencing Mean Depth

≥ 800 x



Disclaimers / Footnotes

  1. Turnaround time starts from the date of receipt of approved samples at our CAP-accredited laboratory.
  2. Please refer to our specimen instructions.
  3. PIONEER Study Group, JTO 2014
  4. Mitsudomi T et al. Nat. Rev. Clin. Oncol 2013
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