Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine


The fight against cancer is a daunting challenge. We seek to use our expertise and experience to support those who are undertaking this battle.

Optimized Your Cancer Treatment

The fight against cancer is a daunting challenge. We seek to use our expertise and experience to support those who are undertaking this battle. We know that each battle is different, so every cancer diagnosis requires a tailored plan of attack to ensure an effective and efficient treatment. ACT Genomics provides cutting-edge cancer genomic profiling services to facilitate the provision of an optimized treatment protocol.

Precise and Tailored Treatment of Cancer

All living things are made of cells that contain genetic material. In humans, this genetic material controls how we look and, more importantly, how our body functions. All the genetic information associated with an individual is called the genome. In healthy individuals, every cell (with a few exceptions) will contain an exact copy of the entire genome. As time passes, the old cells die and are replaced by new cells in a highly controlled process that is orchestrated by specific genes.

Cancer is a Disease of the Genome

Sometimes, the genes that should be controlling the death and the replenishment of cells do not function correctly. These genes are then termed as mutations. Of the 20,000 genes that make up the human genome, approximately 400 genes are known to be strongly associated with cancer. These mutations can cause cells to multiply uncontrollably, which leads to tumor formation.

Cancer genomic testing can quickly identify the cancer-related mutations by analyzing samples of the tumor. Knowing the mutations that are driving the patient's cancer will enable the physicians to tailor the cancer treatment options to each patient. This, in turn, will increase the chances of a successful outcome.

Finding the Right Treatment for You

Patients diagnosed with the same type of cancer will often carry different genetic mutations. That is, two lung cancer patients may require different treatments because their tumors contain different genetic mutations. Comprehensive genomic profiling allows physicians to identify the optimal treatment for each patient. This patient-specific approach is termed “precision medicine.”

Flow chart of precision medicine workflow.

More Options with Better Precision

Genomic profiling may reveal additional treatment options for patients that were not previously considered. Because patients with different types of cancer may carry the same cancer-causing mutations, a drug that is approved for breast cancer, for example, may benefit a lung cancer patient who has a genetic alteration that is more commonly associated with breast cancer.

Cancer management is complex. In addition to the genomic profile, the physician needs to consider additional factors, such as any other diagnosed conditions the patient may have and their treatment history. It is therefore essential to consult with your doctor and have them comprehensively evaluate whether genomic testing is suitable for you. You can also contact us to learn more.