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ACTRisk™ hereditary gene testing decodes 67 cancer genes associated with 9 common hereditary cancers and 11 cancer syndromes, which provides additional information to a health management strategy.

Precision Medicine to Plan Better Treatment

Precision Medicine to Plan Better Treatment

Every cancer is associated with a unique combination of genomic changes. Furthermore, different cells within a tumor may harbor different genomic abnormalities. Comprehensive genomic profiling can identify such changes in cell signaling pathways by detecting prognostic and predictive biomarkers. This information can then be used to facilitate treatment decisions. This process is known as precision medicine.

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Why ACT Genomics?

Humane Process

Only a small specimen is required for the simultaneous detection of 67 genes.

Ideal Treatment

Uses genomic information for prevention measures.

Smart Budgeting

Nominates proper targeted options, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, or hormonal therapy.

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Do You Need to Prevent Cancer by Gene Testing?

To know or not to know, that is a question. Some people consider that there are no drugs for inherited genetic variants before the cancer is formed, which causes a significant mental burden; because 5-10% of cancers are caused by inherited genetic variants, if you have a family history of cancer, you are at a high risk of developing cancer. Therefore, knowing which inherited genetic variants you have may help you organize a better health management strategy. There are many inherited genetic variants known for several cancers, including BRCA1/2 genes. People carrying inherited genetic variants have a higher lifetime risk of cancer, up to 90 times higher than someone without a mutation.

More Comprehensive Diagnostic Solutions Than Traditional Hereditary Gene Testing

Through next-generation sequencing (NGS), ACTRisk™ hereditary gene testing decodes 67 cancer genes associated with 9 common hereditary cancers and 11 cancer syndromes, to provide more information for your health management strategy.

Who Is Suitable for ACTRisk™?

  • Multiple family members who have cancer
  • Any individual who is concerned about the inherent risk of hereditary cancers and cancer syndromes
  • A family member who has multiple cancers, an early-onset cancer, or a rare cancer


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  1. Turnaround time starts from the date of receipt of approved samples at our CAP-accredited laboratory.

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